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TotalEnergies AERO 100

Pure mineral oils for the lubrication of piston engines operating under average conditions. Lubrication of vintage aeroplanes (WWI and WWII warplanes).

TotalEnergies CALORIS 23

Grease adapted to high temperatures and low speeds.

TotalEnergies CORTIS SHT 200

Continuous lubrication systems. Movements, roller chains, rollers of the roller bearings, cams operating in ovens or stoves. Glass manufacturing machines. Conveyor chains for continuous hot-pressing machines.

TotalEnergies FINASOL MF

Multipurpose emulsifiable dregreaser

TotalEnergies HYDRAGRI 46

​High performance ISO VG 46 hydraulic oil for all Agricultural machinery.

TotalEnergies LACTUCA LT 3000


TotalEnergies MARTOL EP 65 CF

For all stringent forming operations : deep drawing, bar drawing, cold heading…

TotalEnergies MULTIS MS 2


TotalEnergies SERIOLA 1510


TotalEnergies SPECIS CU

Anti-seizing grease for threaded assembly under severe corrosion conditions, water vapour, gasses.

TotalEnergies SPIRIT WBF 5400

Classical machining and grinding of all types of metals. The ideal multipurpose product.

TotalEnergies TIFORA PG

Innovative heavy metal-free lubricating grease specifically developped for both protection and "make up" of ‘premium’ (casing/tubing) connections. Tifora PG has been specially designed for Carbon-Steel and 13Cr connections. It can be used in API and semi-premium connections. It can be used to replace the heavy metal API dopes (traditionally leaded). It may also be used for applications where good anti-seizure properties are required such as drilling in non-severe conditions (water,…).