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TotalEnergies CORTIS XHT 320

Oils for moving parts operating at very high temperatures.

TotalEnergies LACTUCA LT 3000

Classical machining, brass bar turning. Works well on fine carbon steels.


High performance transmission fluid , continuously variable transmission fluid designed to meet the service fill used in many Asian, North American and European designed vehicles. This Multi-vehicle fluid has been developed to be used in all belt and chain CVTs.


A fuel-economy low viscosity automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology allowing very high performance. Developed to meet the needs of modern transmission where higher efficiency is required. Low viscosity formulation that meets the more demanded OEM specifications. Recommended for use in the latest generation of high efficiency 6-speed automatic transmissions with longer fluid life capabilities and heavier load capacities.

TotalEnergies TRANSMISSION AXLE 8 FE 80W-140

Transmission fluid suitable for the lubrication axles from SCANIA, ZF, Renault Trucks, Volvo and Iveco. High performance multigrade oil designed for the lubrication of severely loaded hypoid axles and final reduction. Recommended when filters are added to the lubrication system.

TotalEnergies TRANSMISSION AXLE 8 80W-90

Transmission fluid recommended by PSA for use in CITRO√čN and PEUGEOT 4 wheel drive cars and vans. Designed for the lubrification of axles equipped with limited slip differentials, some classical axles and transfer gear boxes. Suitable for use in all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles when the manufacturer requires an oil with specific friction properties.

TotalEnergies TRANSMISSION AXLE 7 85W-140

Transmission fluid recommended for highly loaded hypoid gears and for all types of gears when the MIL-L-2105D specification or API GL-5 is required.



TotalEnergies DYNATRANS AC 10W

Transmission fluid for hydraulic systems and transmission components (axles or gearboxes) equipped with specific brake friction discs.

TotalEnergies DYNATRANS AC 50

Transmission flush for hydraulic systems and transmission components (axles or gearboxes) equipped with specific brake friction discs

TotalEnergies NEPTUNA SPEEDER 10W-30

Synthetic 4 strokes gasoline engine oil for leisure craft meeting the latest requirements of the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association). Its Fuel Economy technology helps save fuel, compared to an SAE 40 grade reference lubricant. Especially developed to withstand high temperatures of modern engines.

TotalEnergies HI-PERF 4T SPORT 10W-40

4-stroke engine lubricant from synthetic based oils.