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Quartz Ineo FGO 5W-40 visual
Quartz Ineo FGO 5W-40

Advanced synthetic engine oil specially formulated to meet the recent ACEA and API international standards and technical requirements of vehicle manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, or Porsche. This lubricant is suitable for the most severe conditions of use (door-to-door, sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and motorway driving). Its special formulation resists the most extreme variations in operating temperature. It is particularly well suited to all recent multi-valve engines equipped with turbochargers and direct injection. Its Low SAPS technology (Low Content in Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) makes it the lubricant of choice for optimal operation of the latest-engine generation equipped with anti-pollutant devices.

Quartz 9000 5W-40 visual
Quartz 9000 5W-40

Synthetic technology engine oil for gasoline and Diesel passenger’s cars engines, particularly suitable for turbo compressed, multi-valve and direct injection diesel engines. This motor oil can be used in the most difficult operating conditions (motorways, dense urban traffic...), and is appropriated for all driving types, in particular for sporting or intense drive, and for every season. It is perfectly suited to engines with catalytic converters and all engines using lead free fuel or LPG.

EVOLUTION 900 SXR 5W-40 visual

Very high performance Elf synthetic technology lmotor oil designed for lubricating all Diesel or Gasoline car engines. Recommended for all supercharged or naturally aspirated Diesels or Gasoline engines in cars and light vans. Suitable for all types of service especially in very severe conditions. For all types of driving, especially at high speed.

Quartz 7000 10W-40 visual
Quartz 7000 10W-40

Synthetic engine oil for gasoline and Diesel engines perfectly adapted to vehicles equipped with catalysts and using unleaded fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, and also bio-diesel. This motor oil is particularly suited to turbocharged and multi-valve engines, and suitable for normal driving conditions.

EVOLUTION 900 FT 5W-40 visual

Very high performance Elf synthetic technology motor oil intended for lubricating passenger cars Gasoline and Diesel engines, particularly for most recent ones. Suitable for all journeys, particularly in severe conditions, in all driving styles, particularly vigorous and high speeds.

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