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Quartz Ineo First 0W-30 visual
Quartz Ineo First 0W-30

Advanced synthetic technology engine oil used by PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN as first fill engine oil and recommended by PEUGEOT and CITROËN in after sales. Well-suited for use with recent engines of PSA, and particularly ones equipped with e-HDI using Stop & Start technologies, and hybrid engines which require new-generation engine oils. Motor oil provides engines with the best possible protection against wear and clogging. The post-treatment systems is protected over the long-term thanks to the "Low SAPS" formulation. Using this motor oil can help generate fuel savings without the need to change driving style. Also suitable for the most demanding driving conditions (door-to-door, sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and motorway driving, etc.).


​Very high performance lubricant using ELF advanced synthetic technology, intended for lubricating Gasoline and Diesel car engines requiring SAE 0W-20 grades. Specially formulated to ensure compatibility with post-treatment systems.

Quartz Ineo Xtra First 0W-20 visual
Quartz Ineo Xtra First 0W-20

Quartz Ineo Xtra First 0W-20 is an advanced synthetic engine oil, formulated and used for Stellantis (ex-PSA Group) factory fill and after sales.

Quartz Ineo MC3 5W-30 visual
Quartz Ineo MC3 5W-30

Synthetic engine oil specially formulated to meet the technical requirements of vehicles manufactured by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Hyundai Kia. Particularly well suited to modern multi-valve engines equipped with turbochargers and direct injection. Its Low SAPS technology makes it the lubricant of choice for optimal operation of the latest-engine generation equipped with anti-pollutant devices. This engine oil is suitable for the most severe conditions of use (sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and motorway driving). Its special formulation resists the most extreme variations in operating temperature.

QUARTZ INEO HKS 0W-30 visual

High-performance advanced synthetic technology engine oil for Kia Gasoline and DPF-equipped Diesel engines.

Quartz Ineo RCP 5W-30 visual
Quartz Ineo RCP 5W-30

Quartz Ineo RCP 5W-30 is a high-performance advanced synthetic motor oil especially developed for the 1.5 BlueHDi (DV5R) diesel engines manufactured before February 2023 and the 1.2L PureTech (EB Turbo Euro 6.1) gasoline engines, as well as all Stellantis engines requiring a high-performance lubricant with Stellantis FPW9.55535/03, PSA B71 2290 or PSA B71 2297 approvals.

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