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TotalEnergies OSYRIS X 9100
Segment(s) de marché :Acier, Métallurgie, Fabrication Automobile
Application(s) :Protection
Viscosité :-
Résumé marketing:
Solvented protection fluid for very prolonged periods of storage in very harsh conditions. Complies with the standard ISO 6743/8 (1987): category RF. Recommended fur use for all kinds of outdoor protection problems where equipment is exposed to the elements : open air storage, maritime transport. OSYRIS X 9100 may be used with all types of metal parts : sheet metal, individual machine parts, etc…
Description produit :
Protection over very long periods :

- 3 years minimum for indoor storage.

- 1 year minimum for covered, outdoor storage

OSYRIX X 9100 deposits a very thin, dry brown film, resembling a lacquer.

- Very good adhesion properties and very good resistance of the film.

- Unaffected by changing climatic conditions.

May be applied : by immersion, by brush.

Remove : only with solvents.
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