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TotalEnergies OSYRIS DWX 5000
Segment(s) de marché :Acier, Métallurgie, Fabrication Automobile
Application(s) :Protection
Viscosité :-
Résumé marketing:
Water-repellent protective fluid, leaving an oily film on parts, providing medium-term protection. ISO standard 6743/8 (1987): category REE. Temporary storage in the mechanical engineering industry; Protection following surface treatment.
Description produit :
Very high water-repellent capability.

Medium protection from 8 to 10 months indoors and 3 months outdoors.

OSYRIX DWX 5000 is easily by soaking, spraying or with a brush owing to its high fluidity. The protective film can be removed using alkaline detergents or by solvents in the liquid or vapour phase.
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