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TotalEnergies OSYRIS DWY 4000
Segment(s) de marché :Acier, Métallurgie, Fabrication Automobile
Application(s) :Protection
Viscosité :-
Résumé marketing:
Fluidised protection fluid with superior water displacement capability. Water-repellent fluid that effectively eliminates all traces of water from metal surfaces. Coating the surface with a thin film to give medium-term protection. Complies with Standard ISO 6743/8 (1987) : REE category.
Description produit :
OSYRIS DWY 4000 widely recommended for use throughout the metal rocessing industry or in electroplating applications for temporary storage.

Very good water-repellent capability.

OSYRIS DWY 4000 deposits a thin layer of a soft, non-drying, protective film.

Provides protection for six months during indoor storage and two months during outdoor, sheltered storage. This duration depends a lot on the environment of the protected metal, we advise you to test the product on some pieces before validating it technically.

Rapid solvent evaporation.

Good resistance to humid air.

OSYRIS DWY 4000 may be applied:

. with a brush,

. by spraying,

. by immersion.

- The film may be eliminated by:

. diluted alkaline detergents,

. solvents (liquid or vapour phase),

. mechanical action.
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