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TotalEnergies OSYRIS Y 3000
Segment(s) de marché :Acier, Métallurgie, Fabrication Automobile
Application(s) :Protection
Viscosité :-
Résumé marketing:
Anti-corrosion neat oils. It comply with the ISO Standard 6743/8 (1987) : category L-RL. Long-term, anti-rust protection of machines and metals, tubes, shafts, bars stored in covered areas, away from the elements. Protection of diverse mechanical parts, gears in casing, gearboxes, etc.
Description produit :
OSYRIX Y 3000 protect parts by coating them with an oily, non-drying film which is both adherent and durable.

- High spreading ability,

- Minor water-repellent properties,

- Good resistance to humid air and acid atmospheres,

- Prevents corrosion that may be caused by direct handling of parts,

- Recommended protection duration with OSYRIS 3000 is 6 months indoor. This duration depends a lot on the environment of the protected metal, we advise you to test the product on some pieces before validating it technically.

OSYRIX Y 3000 may be applied:

- by spraying,

- by immersion,

- by brush or paintbrush.

If application is done by immersion, parts may be treated even when hot.

• Removal of the protective film :

- by solvent (white spirit, distillates, petrol, etc…)

. wipe away with a cloth soaked in solvent.

. immersion and agitation in two successive baths (5 to 30 minutes depending on the thickness of the film and the temperature).

- by petrol containing 1 % of commercially available emulgator:

. soaking 10 to 30 minutes, draining, washing in hot water, drying.

- Alkaline solutions at 85/95°C:

. immersion and agitation for 5 to 30 minutes, washing in hot water, drying.

. the following may be used for the solution:

- silicate of sodium : 0.5 %

- trisodium phosphate : 1 %

- sodium carbonate : 1 to 2 %
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