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TotalEnergies OSYRIS Y 1000
Segment(s) de marché :Acier, Métallurgie, Fabrication Automobile
Application(s) :Protection
Viscosité :-
Résumé marketing:
Protection of machined or unmachined surfaces and mechanical parts, which must be, protected temporarily ant where the protection product must be easy to remove.
Description produit :
TOTAL OSYRIS Y 1000 is an oil, which forms a yellow film, which is easily distinguishable form machining oil. This product provides good protection under shelter.

Type of protective film: adhesive, oily film.

Application: cold, by brushing, spraying or dipping.

Removal: degrease by wiping or using hot alkaline lyes or common solvents

Duration of protection:

- 6 to 12 months in packaging,

- 3 to 6 months exposed indoors,

- Not recommended outdoors.

Recommended protection duration with OSYRIS Y 1000 is 6 months indoor. This duration depends a lot on the environment of the protected metal, we advise you to test the product on some pieces before validating it technically.
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