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TotalEnergies CERAN XS 80

Full synthetic, extreme-pressure grease. Industrial applications with very wide temperature range required (-55 °C to + 180 °C). Suitable for high speeds applications.

TotalEnergies CERAN XS 40 MOLY

Full synthetic, extreme-pressure grease. with 5% MoS2. Specially designed for arctic conditions in mining applications. Suitable for the lubrication of slewing rings.

TotalEnergies CERAN XM 720

Multipurpose, extreme-pressure, high viscosity, water-resistant grease. Heavy duty industrial applications (heavy loads, high temperatures, water, dust). Specially developed for extremely loaded applications such as steel industry.

TotalEnergies CERAN XS 320


TotalEnergies CERAN XM 460

Multipurpose, extreme-pressure, water-resistant grease. Shock loaded applications in industry even in severely demanding environment (water, dust, high temperature). Suitable for the lubrication of bearings in steel plants, in paper industry, for the lubrication of hard wood granular presses and in all industrial applications under severe conditions.

TotalEnergies CERAN XM 220 MOLY


TotalEnergies CERAN MS

Extreme pressure multipurpose grease adapted to very heavy loads and very high temperatures, subject to shock loading and vibration.

TotalEnergies CERAN XM 220


TotalEnergies CERAN XM 100

Multipurpose, extreme-pressure, water-resistant grease. Recommended in the paper industry for high speeds. Heavy duty and off-road applications in civil engineering and industry.

TotalEnergies CERAN WR 2

Multi purpose extreme pressure water resistant high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease formulated for the lubrication of all kinds of industrial, marine and off shore applications, operating under the most severe conditions (water,heat, dust and other pollution).

TotalEnergies CERAN ST 2

CERAN ST 2 is a highly, adhesive, extreme pressure and water resistant multi purpose CALCIUM SULFONATE COMPLEX grease,

TotalEnergies CERAN PM

​Extreme-pressure water resistant high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease designed for the lubrication of industrial bearings working under high temperatures and high loads.