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TotalEnergies TP STAR TRANS 80W-110
Range :-
Market segment(s) :Construction Equipment and Mining
Application(s) :UTTO
Viscosity :80W-110
Short marketing text:
Very high performance lubricant especially developped for the lubrication of transmissions & final drives of Public Works, Mines or Quarry equipment.
Product description:
Allows to strongly decrease the lubricant number needed for the whole vehicle park maintenance.

Reaches the performance levels required by the machinery OEMs for the severe earth-moving applications.

Erases all mistake possibilities of lubricant application, with security.

TP STAR TRANS 80W-110, together with TP STAR MAX FE 10W-30, form the "TP STAR CONCEPT".
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. API GL-4
  2. API GL-5 LS
  3. API MT-1
Meets the requirement of
  1. CAT FD-1
  2. CAT TO-4
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