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TotalEnergies OSYRIS DWL 3550
Market segment(s) :Steel, Metalworking, Automotive Manufacturing
Application(s) :Protection
Viscosity :-
Short marketing text:
Solvented protection fluid very good water displacement capability. Water-repellent fluid that effectively eliminates all traces of water from metal surfaces. Coating the surface with a thin, fatty film to give medium-term protection. Complies with Standard ISO 6743/8 (1987): REE category.
Product description:
• OSYRIS DWL 3550 is an odorless protection fluid.

OSYRIS DWL 3550 widely recommended for use in the metal processing industry or in electroplating applications for temporary storage.

Very good water-repellent capability.

OSYRIS DWL 3550 deposits a thin layer of a soft, non-drying, protective film.

Provides protection for six months when parts are stored inside and two months when stored outside in a covered area.

Good resistance to humidity.

OSYRIS DWL 3550 may be applied:

. with a brush,

. by spraying,

. by immersion.

- The film may be removed by:

. diluted alkaline detergents,

. solvents (liquid or vapour phase),

. mechanical action.
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