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TotalEnergies MISOLA AFH 150
Market segment(s) :Wood and Paper
Application(s) :Plain Bearings, Roller Bearings, Circulating system
Viscosity :ISO VG 150
Short marketing text:
Bearings and gears operating in a warm, moist environment.
Product description:
Excellent thermal and oxydation stability ensuring a long service life.

This thermal stability associated to the ashless technology prevents deposits and varnishes formation, protecting the equipements and increasing the durabilty of filters.

High hydrolytic stabilty and good demulsibility.

Excellent corrosion protection.

Very good lubrication properties ensuring gears, bearings and pumps an optimal wear protection.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. ISO 12925-1 CKD
  2. ISO 6743-6 CKD
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