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TotalEnergies ORITES DS 270 D
Market segment(s) :Chemicals
Application(s) :Compressor
Viscosity :-
Short marketing text:
One-through" lubrication of (hyper-) compressor cylinders for the production of polyethylene and EVA copolymer process. It has been designed in order to avoid sludges formation and reach very high level of pumpabillity.One-through" lubrication of (hyper-) compressors compatible with polyethylene and EVA copolymer process. PX 6060 has been formulated to avoid sludges formation. PX 6060can reached very high level of pumpabillity.
Product description:
Avoid the formation of sludges.Highly increased lifetime of packings.High oil film resistance towards Ethylene and good lubricity.Outstanding viscosity under pressure behaviour.Food grade approval of the end-product which is colour - and odourless.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. EU 2011/10/EC
  2. ISO 6743-3 DGC
  3. NSF H1
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