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TotalEnergies RUBIA FLEET HD 200 20W-40
Market segment(s) :Trucks and Buses
Application(s) :HDMO
Viscosity :20W-40
Short marketing text:
Universal mineral lubricant for diesel engines recommended for all turbocharged or naturally-aspirated diesel engines of commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, pick-ups, taxis...), public works equipments and locomotives requiring API CF performance.
Product description:
Well suited for gear boxes, torque converters and hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires engine oil with an appropriate grade for these applications.

TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 200 20W-40 exhibits a high alkaline reserve to avoid overly shortened oil drain interval with the use of high sulphur fuel.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. API CF
  2. API SF
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