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TotalEnergies RUBIA MT 40
Range :RUBIA
Market segment(s) :Railroad
Application(s) :HDMO
Viscosity :SAE 40
Short marketing text:
High performance monograde engine oil for 4 Stroke Diesel engines used in Railways and Gensets.
Product description:
Excellent detergent and dispersant capabilities which avoid ring sticking and guarantee internal engine cleanliness in all running conditions.

Good anti-wear/anti-corrosion and anti-oxydation capabilities providing Engine durability.

High Base Number which permits to neutralize Diesel combustion acids coming from very long drain intervals with a high Sulfur Fuel (up to 0.5 %).
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. ACEA E7
  2. API CF
  3. API CF-4
  4. API CG-4
  5. API CH-4
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