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Market segment(s) :Agriculture / Motoculture (Gardening), Cars, Trucks and Buses, Construction Equipment and Mining
Application(s) :Antifreeze and coolants
Viscosity :-
Product description:
Glacelf Neotech is a "very-long-life" premium engine antifreeze based on monoethylene glycol and Organic Additive Technology (OAT) that provides year-round frost and excellent corrosion, freeze and boil protection. The antifreeze can withstand high temperatures thanks to the increased oxidation stability and compensates the negative effects of potential flux contamination.

Glacelf Neotech is designed to cope with the most extreme engine conditions in both passenger cars and heavy-duty applications.

Glacelf Neotech contains no 2-EHA, nitrite and borate. It is also compliant with EU CO2 emission performance standards.

Glacelf Neotech ensures long-lasting protection thanks to the OAT backbone with virtually non-depleting organic corrosion inhibitors.

Suitable for use in combustion engines and Battery Electric Vehicles in automotive and heavy-duty applications if there is no requirement on electrical conductivity.

Glacelf Neotech antifreeze is recommended to be diluted with deionised or distilled water to prepare the ready-to-use dilutions for optimal performance and controlled quality. It is recommended to use at least 33vol% of Glacelf Neotech in the coolant solution. This provides an initial freezing point of -18°C. Mixtures with more than 70 vol% Glacelf Neotech in water are not recommended.

Glacelf Neotech can be used for cooling systems made of iron, steel, aluminium as well as copper alloy.

Recommended coolant change interval*:

• 500 000 km/4 years when used in trucks

• 250 000 km/5 years when used in cars.

*It is recommended to refer to the vehicle’s maintenance manual.

Organic technology ensures a long-term action to offer maximum protection against

any type of corrosion, erosion and cavitation, even at high temperatures.

The organic additives in Glacelf Neotech give the coolant:

• Chemical neutrality (pH7.5 - 9)

• A reserve of alkalinity to neutralize the acids resulting from the combustion gases

• Resistance to foaming

• Excellent hard water stability avoiding the formation of insoluble deposits

Prevents the formation of gels or deposits in the cooling system.

Carefully selected additives to reduce environmental impact.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. ASTM D3306
  2. ASTM D6210
  3. CNS GB 27943.1-2022
  4. JIS K 2234-2018
  5. UNE 26-361-88/1
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