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TotalEnergies MULTIS XHV 2
Market segment(s) :Aviation, Steel, Energy, Chemicals, Textile, Wood and Paper, Cement and Materials, Mining
Application(s) :Protection, General application, Slideway, Roller Bearings
Viscosity :NLGI 2
Product description:
Very high base oil viscosity, for slow moving heavily charged applications.

Forms a durable lubrication film, resulting in reduction of maintenance and down-time costs.

Miscible with most other conventional soap greases.

Excellent mechanical stability avoiding ejection or loss of consistency during operation.

Outstanding adhesion to metal.

Good thermal stability, leading to high resistance to temperature variations.

MULTIS XHV 2 does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. 2
  2. DIN 51502 KP2K-20
  3. ISO 6743-9:L-XBCHB 2
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