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TotalEnergies HYDRANSAFE HFC-E 68
Market segment(s) :Steel, Construction Equipment and Mining, Automotive Manufacturing, Mining, Aluminium
Application(s) :Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic
Viscosity :68
Product description:
Thanks to its sophisticated formulation, HYDRANSAFE HFC-E 68 is able to meet the

stringent lubrication requirements of underground mining equipment with superior fire

protection compared with standard HM or HFDU oils.

- HYDRANSAFE HFC-E 68 is ultimately biodegradable to facilitate usage in sensitive

areas such as undergournd mining, agriculture, tunelling etc…

- HYDRANSAFE HFC-E 68 will absorb water enabling usage in environments subject to

high water contamination
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. ISO 12922
  2. ISO 15029-2:2007-2
  3. ISO 4404-1
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