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TotalEnergies STATERMIC NR
Market segment(s) :Food processing
Application(s) :Grease, Ball Bearings, Incidental food contact
Viscosity :-
Product description:
STATERMIC NR is used:- on all bearings and components exposed to solvent or acid vapors, or radiation,- on all bearings exposed to temperatures reaching 300 °C intermittently and 250 °C continuously,- wherever equipment deterioration is observed, resulting in production stoppage and frequent use of spare parts.Benefits:Chemical stability: STATERMIC NR is very stable when in contact with strong and weak acids, alcohols, halogens, oxidizing agents. STATERMIC NR can be used with liquid oxygen and fuming nitric acid.Thermal stability: STATERMIC NR is very resistant to heat and oxidation.Solubility: STATERMIC does not undergo alteration in the presence of polar or non-polar organic solvents.Caution: STATERMIC NR is soluble in highly fluorinated fluids.STATERMIC NR demonstrates a very high resistance to radiation (UV, Gamma,…).
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. 2
  2. DIN 51502 KFKP2U-25
  3. DIN 51825 KPF2U-20
  5. ISO 6743-9:L-XBGDB 2
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