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TotalEnergies MULTIS EP 0
Market segment(s) :Aviation, Steel, Metalworking, Energy, Chemicals, Textile, Wood and Paper, Cement and Materials, Mining
Application(s) :Protection, General application, Slideway, Roller Bearings
Viscosity :NLGI 0
Product description:
MULTIS EP 0 is especially developed for chassis lubrication by means of a centralized system for which NLGI 0 grade greases are recommended.Central lubrication systems found on trucks, off-road vehicles used in agriculture civil engineering, and industry.Benefits:Forms a durable lubrication film, resulting in prolonged lifetime of the lubricated parts.MULTIS EP 0, because of its excellent low temperature characteristics and smooth texture has an outstanding pumpability.MULTIS EP 0 is miscible with most other conventional soap greases.Excellent adhesion to metal.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. DIN 51502 MP0K-30
  2. ISO 6743-9:L-XCCEB 0
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