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TotalEnergies RUBIA FLEET HD 500 20W-50
Market segment(s) :Trucks and Buses
Application(s) :HDMO
Viscosity :20W-50
Product description:
TOTAL RUBIA FLEET HD 500 15W-40 /20W-50 is recommended for all turbocharged or naturally-aspirated diesel engines of commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, pick-ups, taxis...), and for all off-road applications(public works, agriculture, navigation, rail road) requiring API CH-4 performance.

This lubricant is particularly recommended for heavy-duty diesel engines and enables coverage of a fleet of mixed

brands with a minimal number of products.


• Excellent oxidation resistance, guaranteeing efficient engine protection under normal and severe conditions.

• Well balanced detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keeps the engine clean and enable effective control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.

• High alkaline reserve capability allows effective neutralization acid compounds coming from the combustion of high sulphur fuel.

• Superior protection against wear ensuring long engine life.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. API CH-4
  2. API SJ
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