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TotalEnergies PRESLIA GT 46
Market segment(s) :Energy
Application(s) :Turbine
Viscosity :ISO VG 46
Product description:
PRESLIA GT oils are:- specially designed for the lubrication (bearings, gear boxes) and control circuit of steam and gas turbines.- turbines submitted to high thermal stress.- suitable for turbine coupled gears lubrication.Benefits:Thanks to their high performance base stocks, PRESLIA GT have extra high thermal stability and oxidation resistances.Their outstanding formulation meets the specifications of both steam and gas turbines, which makes it and ideal product choice for the lubrication of single shaft combined cycle machines.The anti-wear level allows the lubrication of turbines with the most severely loaded gear boxes.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. DIN 51515
  2. DIN 51515-1 TDP
  3. ISO 6743-5 TGA
  4. ISO 6743-5 TGB
  5. ISO 6743-5 TGE
  6. ISO 6743-5 TGSB
  7. ISO 6743-5 TGSE
  8. ISO 6743-5 TSA
  9. ISO 6743-5 TSE
  10. ISO 8068
  11. JIS K 2213 TYPE 2
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