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TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 Future GF6 0W-30
Market segment(s) :Cars
Application(s) :PCMO
Viscosity :0W-30
Product description:
3.1% reduction in fuel consumption, as measured by the official ILSAC test: sequence VI D.

Meets all of the performance levels claimed by brands such as HONDA, TOYOTA and MITSUBISHI in relation to environmental standards.

Easier cold starts: The 0W- grades, together with special additives, makes cold engine starts easier, even at very low temperatures.

Protection for pollution-control systems: With its low phosphorus content, this lubricant also optimises the way in which three-way catalytic converters operate, preventing them from getting damaged through poisoning. This reduces NOx, HC and CO in particular.

Engine protection and cleanliness: This oil offers the best possible protection in its category against wear and deposits as soon as the engine has started up.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. API SP
  2. ILSAC GF-6A
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