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TotalEnergies HI-PERF 4T SPECIAL 20W-40
Range :HI-PERF
Market segment(s) :Motorcycles and Scooters
Application(s) :4-Stroke Engine Oil
Viscosity :20W-40
Product description:
TOTAL Hi-Perf 4T Special 20W-40 is specially designed to operate efficiently under extreme conditions. Its exclusive and unique formulation doesn’t allow the oil film to break easily, thus providing superior protection in heavy traffic "stop-n-go" conditions. This leads to a distinctly superior performance, which can be felt from the first use itself!Benefits:- Active prevention of friction: Reduction of friction between moving parts ensures the users a smooth ride.- Eliminates ‘aeration’ of lubricant by preventing foam formation and consequently avoids early wear and tear.- Superior gear protection: the special additives in the oil remain on the gear parts preventing metal-to-metal contact under high pressure conditions and also during frequent gear changes.- HTHS viscosity: The excellent base oil used provides the oil a High Temperature High Shear stability. This provides users ideal performance under extreme pressure conditions. Engine is protected by optimal maintenance of oil film thickness even in the most extreme load or speed conditions.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. API SL
  2. JASO MA2
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