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TotalEnergies CARTER XEP 460
Market segment(s) :Steel, Energy, Chemicals, Food processing, Textile, Automotive Manufacturing, Wood and Paper, Cement and Materials, Mining
Application(s) :General application, Plain Bearings, Roller Bearings, Closed Gears
Viscosity :ISO VG 460
Product description:
Excellent extreme-pressure performances, remarkable protection of heavily loaded toothing against micropitting.

Excellent anti-corrosion properties protecting gears in critical environments (sea water or acidic water contamination).

Very good thermal stability ensuring a longer service life than conventional lubricants.

Strengthened foaming protection. Good demulsification behaviour.
Standards & approvals
International classifications
  1. AGMA 9005-F16 AS
  2. DIN 51502 CLP
  3. DIN 51502 CLP 460
  4. DIN 51517-3 CLP
  5. DIN 51519 CLP
  6. ISO 12925-1 CKD
  7. ISO 6743-6 CKD
  8. ISO L-CKC460
  9. JIS K 2219-2006
  10. SEB 181226
  11. US STEEL 224
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